The inactivity here is a really bad sign.

I thought I was currently the most active user here, but even I haven't edited for months (summer vacation ended, so, yeah).

I don't know when—maybe it'll be during winter break—but I can promise that someday, I'll make the edits required to qualify this wiki for a promotion, it seriously needs more users. I don't want our community to die out, especially since the Worms community itself is slowly dying out as well.

Then again, admittedly, I'm starting to lose interest in Worms. I've last played a Worms game in, like, early August (that's mostly due to my broken computer, but even then, I wouldn't have played Worms all that often if my main laptop's screen didn't get damaged, since I'm not all that interested anymore). However, that doesn't mean I'll stop caring for this wiki since I've been here for years.

Oscuritaforze is still pretty crucial to editing the wiki's CSS...

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