I apologize for all this sporadic and unexplained inactivity on the wiki. Even though it's summer vacation for me now, I'm not free at all—I have a shitload of things to get done on my to-do list... which is torturous for me to look at due to its length.

Don't demote me just yet, though. I will be active on the wiki once more, more than ever, and I'll once again try working my way up to bureaucrat. (Not implying that I'm power hungry or anything.) However, I'm not sure about how long all this would take. At least, it could be a week, and at most, a month or more (approximately). I'll make edits here occasionally, but nothing major.

If you'd like to contact me, do so on YouTube, since I'd respond in a more timely manner there. Just search "Boggy B" and you'll see my channel as one of the first results. Do not add tildes. (I'm more active on YouTube since I'm working on a few videos, which were unnecessarily belated for quite a while due to my consistent procrastination.)

See you in a week/month.

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