Well, here it is, the new wiki background I've made, and though I like how the image itself turned out, I dislike the results of making it the background.

I'll mostly have to blame the unnecessary image size limitations (300 kilobytes) implemented by Wikia, I mean, the original image was much larger, until I had to reduce its size using GIMP 2.8, and this is what came out. The image itself is far too small, but I tried to make it as large as I could to fit in with Wikia's restrictions. What I wanted was to make it a fixed, non-tiled image that fills the entire background, but nope. How did the previous background image fill the entire background without the need to make it tiled?

More importantly, I'll have to say that even though the radioactive symbol pattern looks nice on the skin, it's a bit of a distraction to the background, it makes it hard to see the background's details, so we should probably make the radioactive symbols a bit more transparent. Not only that, but even with full transparency on for the skin, it's hard to focus on the background. We might need a different skin color if we want it to fit in with the background, or if it's possible, use CSS to increase the transparency even more (I know nothing about CSS, unfortunately).

Any suggestions?

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