These "special tags" need to go. They serve no function or use, other than to be used as a boasting tool for a user regarding something they've accomplished, or something they're good at doing on the wiki (which I find unprofessional), ergo I believe these tags aren't used for a good purpose.

Here are the current tags...

  • "BAZOOKA BLASTER" - Danuhau
  • "TECH SUPPORT" - Oscuritaforze
  • "CATEGORIZOR" - PartHunter
  • "CONTINUOUS CONTRIBUTOR" - Q* (Since Q* was blocked and demoted, he no longer possesses this user tag.)

I have no idea why Danuhau has a "BAZOOKA BLASTER" tag. At least the other tags make sense to me.

Besides, this is unfair since these are apparently the only users who possess a user tag, there are several other users, including me, Koenachtig, and Orangitu, that have no "special tag". It's better that we don't anyway, as they are only made to boast. I personally believe that these aforementioned users should not own such tags as well. This is my opinion. Leave a comment below, and let me know whether you agree or not that these user tags shouldn't belong here. If they truly must stay, at least let everyone else have their own user tag, including Koenachtig and Orangitu - they're bureaucrats as well.

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