The Uzi as seen in Worms Open Warfare
Type Hitscan
Range Short-range
Damage 50 HP (2 HP per bullet)
Additional effects Repeatedly fires bullets for a small amount of time
Appears in All Worms games (except Worms Forts Under Siege and Worms 4: Mayhem)
Affected by

The Uzi is a classic weapon which quickly fires bullets. It has appeared in almost every Worms game so far.


The Uzi is a gun vaguely similar to the Shotgun. It fires a lot of bullets which will deal up to 50 health points of damage. Due to the big amount of bullets fired from this weapon, it can push target Worms quite far away. It will also leave a lot of bullet holes in the terrain.

Due to the large spread of the bullets, it's not recommended to use this weapon on a long range.

Wormopedia Entry

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Cquote1 You dirty Rat!

The weapon of choice for gunning Worms about the landscape.
The Uzi fires a ream of rounds off in one go, and while firing can be strafed up and down the target area.
It can send groups of Worms sliding long distances, and is perfect for grouping your enemies together.
All in all the Uzi can claim about 50 points of energy from your unwitting foe.

As already mentioned, the Uzi is great for grouping your enemies Worms into a small space. Keep a look out for those Worms that are close to each other and have the potential to be pushed into a group, once they're grouped together like this you can quite easily drop a dynamite on them and cause some real damage.


Tips & Tricks

  • The Uzi can push targets further than the Shotgun.
  • Due to the large amount of bullets this weapon fires, it can be used to find invisible Worms by firing bullets everywhere.
  • The Uzi is best used on a group of Worms to increase the maximum total damage of 50 HP.
  • The Uzi isn't that great at firing down, sometimes causing it to hit the ground below you. Usually resulting in self-damage.
  • If firing in tight confines to kill an enemy close to you, you'll also hurt yourself in the process of firing. And once you have inflicted self-damage, your turn ends.
  • On some versions, you can deal 60 damage in total with the Uzi.
  • The Uzi can be used to group enemies together, making them a better target for explosive weapons.
  • It is useful if your worms have 50 health or less.
  • It is useful if your worms are next to the water.


  • The Uzi is the fastest weapon to be finished. It takes only 2080 miliseconds or about 2 seconds in some games.
  • The Uzi's body appeared black in Worms 2, Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party but later, it changed its colour to blue.
  • In the Special Weapons market, it has the same cost as the Shotgun.
  • While the Uzi takes 10 shots, the Minigun shoots twice as much.
  • On the PC version of the original Worms, selecting the Uzi and then pressing F1 at the same time the Space Bar is pressed, Bazooka missiles are fired off instead of bullets, which can cause large amounts of damage. Pressing F5 instead of F1 will fire off glitchy bullets that cause even more destruction.
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