Wind is an element that has appeared in every Worms game. Wind changes every turn, and it affects certain weapons like the Bazooka, and utilities like the Parachute. The strength of the wind ranges from 0-10.


  • In second generation games, there are two black rectangles at the bottom right corner of the screen during game-play. This is the wind indicator. If there is a blue bar inside the black rectangle on the left, the wind is blowing to the left. If there is a red bar inside the black rectangle on the right, the wind is blowing to the right. The length of the blue/red bar represents the strength of the wind. The longer the blue/red bar, the stronger the wind. The strength of the wind changes every turn, and sometimes the direction of the wind, too. Rarely, both of the black rectangles have no blue/red bar inside them, indicating there is no wind at all.
  • In Worms Forts: Under Siege, the wind indicator is an arrow pointing in the wind direction (with up the screen for forwards and down it for backwards) in a circle and a number rating below it. If the currently selected weapon is unaffected by the wind, a red cross appears over the circle to indicate this.
  • If you stand on top of another Worm and fire the Bazooka when there is no wind, the shell will simply go straight down. In 3D games however, this does not always happen.
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