Worm Select
W4 WormSelect
Effects Lets you select any worm on your team.
Range N/A
Appears in Worms 2 - Worms 4: Mayhem

(Reappears in Worms: Ultimate Mayhem onwards)

Worm Select is a useful utility that first appears in Worms 2It lets you select any worm on your team to play with.


Once this weapon is selected from your inventory, press Space and two rotating arrows will appear above your worm's head. Press Tab to switch to the next worm on your team. Once you press Space, you can switch worms as many times as you want. Once you've chosen the worm you want to control, simply move your worm or select another weapon to cancel the Worm Select. This utility is useful if you have several worms on your team and you want to control a different worm during your turn. (However, this utility is useless if you have only one worm left on your team.)

Wormopedia Entry

See also: Wormopedia

Ever thought to yourself 'ooh I wish I was controlling *that* Worm"? Well now you can! This helpful little utility gives you the opportunity... but just what is it you want to do? Get closer to a certain enemy Worm? Perhaps move your damaged soldiers to a safer place? Oh the choices! With Worm Select, the landscape is your oyster!


  • In the second generation Worms games, the Worm Select was originally named "Select Worm", and was renamed to "Worm Select" in Worms 3D onwards.
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