Worms: A Space Oddity
Developer Team17
Publisher THQ
Platforms Nintendo Wii + Wireless Devices
(Java Micro Edition, MIDP2)
Rating Everyone 10+ (ESRB)
Genre Turn-based strategy, artillery
Technical Information

Worms: A Space Oddity is a turn based artillery game for the Nintendo Wii. The game was announced on August 30, 2007 and released on March 18, 2008 in North America, with other regions following shortly afterwards.


Worms: A Space Oddity is in the Worms series of video games developed by Team17, and uses gesture-based controls which allow players to launch various attacks. The game is rendered in 2D.

Worms: A Space Oddity is set in space itself, with the usual arsenal of weapons being updated to suit. There are 6 themes included, namely Cavernia, Tenticlia, Frostal, Kaputzol, Mechanopolis and Earth. The Worms are customisable in terms of skin color and helmet style, as in Worms Open Warfare 2.


SpaceOddity Story Cavernia SpaceOddity Story Tenticlia SpaceOddity Story Frostal
Cavernia Tenticlia Frostal
SpaceOddity Story Kaputzol SpaceOddity Story Mechanopolis SpaceOddity Story Earth
Kaputzol Mechanopolis Earth

Weapons & Utilities

Spaceoddity impact frag Spaceoddity time frag Spaceoddity blaster Spaceoddity astro punch Spaceoddity ufo Spaceoddity atom pack
Impact Frag Time Frag Blaster Astro Punch UFO Atom Pack
Spaceoddity robo-sheep Spaceoddity cluster frag Spaceoddity teleporter Spaceoddity guided frag Spaceoddity drop-ship Spaceoddity rocket pack
Robo-Sheep Cluster Frag Teleporter Guided Frag Drop-Ship Rocket Pack
Spaceoddity defence shield Spaceoddity excavator Spaceoddity skip go Spaceoddity surrender Spaceoddity laser sight
Defence Shield Excavator Skip Go Surrender Laser Sight



SpaceOddity Hat 1 SpaceOddity Hat 2 SpaceOddity Hat 3 SpaceOddity Hat 4 SpaceOddity Hat 5 SpaceOddity Hat 6 SpaceOddity Hat 7 SpaceOddity Hat 8
SpaceOddity Hat Astronaut SpaceOddity Hat Eyeball SpaceOddity Hat Alien SpaceOddity Hat Helmet SpaceOddity Hat Padded SpaceOddity Hat Red SpaceOddity Hat Visor SpaceOddity Hat Yellow
Astronaut Eyeball Alien Helmet Padded Red Visor Yellow

Victory Dances

SpaceOddity Victory Dance 1 SpaceOddity Victory Dance 2 SpaceOddity Victory Dance 3 SpaceOddity Victory Dance 4 SpaceOddity Victory Dance 5 SpaceOddity Victory Dance 6 SpaceOddity Victory Dance 7 SpaceOddity Victory Dance 8

Skin Colors

SpaceOddity Skin Normal SpaceOddity Skin Red SpaceOddity Skin Orange SpaceOddity Skin Yellow SpaceOddity Skin Green SpaceOddity Skin Lime SpaceOddity Skin Light Blue SpaceOddity Skin Purple SpaceOddity Skin Violet SpaceOddity Skin Pink SpaceOddity Skin White
Normal Red Orange Yellow Green Lime Blue Purple Violet Pink White[1]


SpaceOddity Grave 1 SpaceOddity Grave 2 SpaceOddity Grave 3 SpaceOddity Grave 4 SpaceOddity Grave 5 SpaceOddity Grave 6 SpaceOddity Grave 7 SpaceOddity Grave 8 SpaceOddity Grave 9 SpaceOddity Grave 10
SpaceOddity Grave 11 SpaceOddity Grave 12 SpaceOddity Grave R.I.P. SpaceOddity Grave Post SpaceOddity Grave Obelisk SpaceOddity Grave Digital SpaceOddity Grave Petrified SpaceOddity Grave Slab SpaceOddity Grave Cross SpaceOddity Grave Column
R.I.P. Post Obelisk Digital Petrified Slab Cross Column


  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Emperor
  • Paranoid
  • Female Agent
  • Master
  • Female Cyborg
  • Narrator
  • Professor
  • Damsel
  • Martian
  • Hero
  • Wise
  • Computer
  • Alien
SpaceOddity Speech
  • Creepy
  • Captain
  • Logical
  • Doctor
  • Babe
  • Female Computer
  • Princess


SpaceOddity Fort Cavernia SpaceOddity Fort Tenticlia SpaceOddity Fort Frostal SpaceOddity Fort Kaputzol SpaceOddity Fort Mechanopolis SpaceOddity Fort Earth
Cavernia Tenticlia Frostal Kaputzol Mechanopolis Earth


SpaceOddity Flag 1 SpaceOddity Flag 2 SpaceOddity Flag 3 SpaceOddity Flag 4 SpaceOddity Flag 5 SpaceOddity Flag 6 SpaceOddity Flag 7 SpaceOddity Flag 8 SpaceOddity Flag 9 SpaceOddity Flag 10
SpaceOddity Flag 11 SpaceOddity Flag 12 SpaceOddity Flag 13 SpaceOddity Flag Insignia SpaceOddity Flag Strong Worm SpaceOddity Flag Meteor SpaceOddity Flag Zap SpaceOddity Flag Crush SpaceOddity Flag Tentacle SpaceOddity Flag Bolt
Insignia Strong Worm Meteor Zap Crush Tentacle Bolt


When Worms: A Space Oddity was first announced, it was going to have WiFi connection and even downloadable content. Team17 then later scrapped the idea of network play, with the publisher stating that it would be better if the players were able to taunt each other and play face-to-face.


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  1. Unavailable in game
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