Worms 2003
Developer THQ Wireless
Publisher THQ Wireless
Platforms J2ME (Java Micro Edition) Enabled Mobile Phones
Release date 2003
Genre Turn-Based-Strategy
Technical Information
Worms (2003) is an turn-based-artilery game in the Worms series, and was the first of the series of Worms games made for the J2ME platform. It was not developed by Team 17, but was instead developed by THQ Wireless with licensing from Team 17. Therefore, it could be considered a spin-off game.

It is possible that it was released to coincide with Worms 3D.


Even though the Worms gameplay is still most unchanged, this version is quite limited due to limits of the platform at the time it was released. In this version of the regular Worms gamel the player can either play against the A.I. or against a Human opponent. There is no Campaign mode and the limit of teams are 2 with 2 Worms each. The landscape is randomly generated in a simple layout usually with a object in the center and cave levels are absent.


The game features four weapons compared to the large arsenal featured in the series, due to the limits of the platform at the time.

Weapons Included


  • This is one of the many Worms games made for the Java platform, with all not being developed by Team 17.
  • Interestingly, the Worm on the cover art seems to mimic the Worm from the cover of Worms: The Directors Cut, even the same weapons are used. The logo is also the same from the original Worms game.
  • The game reuses some of the graphics from Worms 2 (Which in turn was used in Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party). For example, the Worms sprites were taken directly from the mentioned games, and the Cluster Bomb sprites are the sprites of the Homing Cluster Bomb from Worms 2.


The game was not as well received by fans due to its poor gameplay and lack of weapons. THQ later decided to take the Worms development to Rockpool Games (Which in turn developed Worms Golf and later games).



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