Apple Core Island is the ninth mission of the campaign in Worms 3D and it's remake, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem.


Apple Core Island
Mission Type Deathmatch/Collection
Difficulty Very Hard
Number of Friendly Worms 2
Number of Enemy Worms 4
Landscape Pirate
Enemy Teams Pirates
Bought in Shop? No
Game Worms 3D
You start out on the shores of the island, with very little weaponry. You don't have a lot of health either, nor do you have many worms. Your goal is to avoid enemy fire and reach the crate on the top of the giant apple in the center of the island. The pirates on the island don't take kindly to visitors, and will act aggressively towards you. What makes this mission hard is the wind, which constantly disrupts your shots. Due to the very rocky terrain on the island, it is easy to accidentally fall into the water, although it makes for some good cover from attacks.

Tips and tricks

  1. Some enemies will be standing near the edge of the island, which leaves them open to knock them into the water.
  2. It is possible to complete the mission in one turn, although this is very hard to achieve.
  3. This is one of, if not, the hardest missions in the entire campaign.