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Worms Blast is a spin-off game in the popular Worms franchise. It plays similarly to Puzzle Bobble, but the characters sit in boats and fire colored pieces from a Bazooka. A demo of the game was included in the Worms Triple Pack.

Playable Characters


Name Health Accel. Aiming Turning Total Class
Boggy B 3 3 3 4 13 Beginner
Suzette 2 4 2 4 12 Beginner
Chuck 2 2 5 3 12 Intermediate
Ethel 3 4 3 2 12 Intermediate
Calvin 1 5 2 5 13 Advanced
Stavros 4 2 4 3 13 Advanced
Fletcher 5 2 4 3 14 Secret
Rocky 5 4 4 2 15 Secret
Superfrog 3 5 4 5 17 Secret





  • Worms Blast is quite unusual for a Worms game. Most of the weapons are different. You don't create any teams, game styles, or custom landscapes. The game is not turn-based. And you only get two actual Worms to play with - Boggy B and Suzette (and you can't edit or rename the characters).
  • Before you see the Team17 logo and the picture of the beach, it shows the old Ubisoft logo.
  • There is a special mode called "Blast Mode", which only occurs when all the letters in "BLAST" at the bottom of the screen are colored (you must collect all types of fruit that fall from the destroyed blocks). When all the letters in "BLAST" are colored, Blast Mode suddenly activates, all the blocks vanish, the wall shuts closed, and several crates start falling for you to collect (this only happens on your territory, not your opponent's). Blast Mode will eventually end.
    • Also, during Blast Mode, a remix of the original Worms theme starts playing. This is the only moment in the game where any music from previous Worms games is heard.
  • In the demo version, Boggy B and Calvin are available playable characters, the others aren't.


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