Clan Wars Icon Worms Clan Wars
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Developer Team17
Publisher Team17
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Release date Microsoft Windows & MAC OS X
August 15, 2013
2 March 2015
Rating ESRB: Everyone 10+
Genre Turn-based strategy game
Technical Information
Updates Steam

Worms Clan Wars is an artillery-strategy game developed by Team17. An updated console version, entitled Worms Battlegrounds, was released in 2014.

Many gameplay features from previous Worms games return, such as water mechanics and Physics Objects. The classes system which was introduced in Worms Revolution also returned. A day and night system was also introduced.

Customization has a large role. Players can create emblems, team flags and landscapes with the landscape editor. With Steam Workshop Integration players can create custom content for their worms.

Many weapons such as the Concrete Donkey, Holy Hand Grenade and Bovine Blitz (from Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem) return. New weapons include Mega Mortar, Gravedigger, and The Equalizer.


Worms Clan Wars features WormNET which serves as a lobby and chat system allowing players to keep in touch. Clan systems will play a large role during multiplayer. A companion app as well as a Web Portal allows players to track their multiplayer statistics when offline or on the go.


The Single Player Campaign features 25 missions across 5 environments: Inca, Prehistoric, Viking, Feudal Japan and Industrial Revolution. It focuses on a character named Tara Pinkle who serves as the game's narrator, as well as providing missions for the team. In addition to Story Mode, it features 10 Worm Ops missions that feature Time Attack modes.



All weapons and utilities in Worms Clan Wars

Module 1 (Top left) - Weapons

Bazooka Grenade Shotgun Air Strike
Homing Missile Cluster Bomb Uzi Crate Drop
Mega Mortar Petrol Bomb Flame Thrower Napalm Strike
Fire Punch Water Bomb Water Pistol Water Strike
Baseball Bat Whoopsie Cushion Poison Gun Bunker Buster
Dragon Ball Mine Skunk Sheep
Prod Dynamite Mole Kamikaze

Module 2 (Top right) - Utilities

Blow Torch Ninja Rope Teleport Telekinesis
Pneumatic Drill Teleport Gun Worm Select UFO
Girder Parachute Teleswap Winged Monkey
Sentry Gun Jet Pack Teleshield Water Plug
Wrench Aqua Pack Lightning Strike Electromagnet
Oxygen The Equalizer Gravedigger Worm Charm
Stick Up Knock-Out Skip Go Surrender

Module 3  (Bottom) - Superweapons

Old Woman Holy Hand Grenade Banana Bomb Bovine Blitz Boggy B Buffalo of Lies Super Sheep Concrete Donkey Armageddon

*Italicized weapon names are introduced in Clan Wars.


Main article: Worms Clan Wars/Achievements

Worms Clan Wars includes 14 Steam Achievements.


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