Worms Crazy Golf has 29 Steam achievements, and 20 trophies in the PlayStation 3 version. These do not unlock anything within the game.


Icon Description Trophy
CrazyGolf Feel The Power.png Feel The Power
Overdrive a shot.
CrazyGolf In a Spin.png In a Spin
Use spin control whilst the ball is in flight.
CrazyGolf Retail Therapy.png Retail Therapy
Purchase an item from the customisation menu.
CrazyGolf First Round.png First Round
Complete a hole in Career.
CrazyGolf Pure Skill.png Pure Skill
Complete a challenge.
CrazyGolf Social Golfer.png Social Golfer
Complete a hot-seat multiplayer game.
CrazyGolf Show Me The Money.png Show Me The Money
Collect 20 coins on one hole.
CrazyGolf Let's See The Goods.png Let's See The Goods
Collect 5 Crates.
CrazyGolf Bat's Your Lot.png Bat's Your Lot
Damage 3 bats with one shot.
CrazyGolf Tweet Tweet.png Tweet Tweet
Get A Birdie.
CrazyGolf Where's The Prey.png Where's The Prey?
Get an Eagle.
CrazyGolf That's A Wing Span.png That's A Wing Span
Get an Albatross.
CrazyGolf Fluke or Skill.png Fluke or Skill?
Get a hole in one.
CrazyGolf Getting The Hang Of It.png Getting The Hang Of It.
Complete a hole within the course par score or better.
CrazyGolf You Shoot You Score.png You Shoot You Score
Achieve a skill score objective on one of the holes.
CrazyGolf No Task Too Great.png No Task Too Great
Achieve all the objectives on one hole.
CrazyGolf True Champion.png True Champion
Complete every objective on all Britannia, Pirate Cavern and Graveyard holes.
CrazyGolf Rule Britannia.png Rule Britannia
Complete the Britannia course.
CrazyGolf The Jolly Roger.png The Jolly Roger
Complete the Pirate Cavern Course.
CrazyGolf Dead Good.png Dead Good
Complete the Graveyard Course.
CrazyGolf Gentle Strokes.jpg Gentle Strokes
Putt in from the green.
CrazyGolf The Utilizer.jpg The Utilizer
Use any one of the cannon, teleporter or cable car type interactive objects.
CrazyGolf Poor Flossie.jpg Poor Flossie
Damage 3 Sheep with one shot.
CrazyGolf Octogenarian.jpg Octogenarian
Get the old woman to strike the ball.
CrazyGolf Going Underground.jpg Going Underground
Get the mole to steal the ball.
CrazyGolf Fair Game.jpg Fair Game
Kill 4 Greenskeeper Worms on one level.
CrazyGolf Barrel Do Nicely.jpg Barrel Do Nicely
Destroy 3 TNT barrels with one shot.
CrazyGolf Mine's a Large One.jpg Mine's a Large One
Destroy 3 mines with one shot.
CrazyGolf Be the Best.jpg Be the Best
Complete all the challenges.

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