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May 6, 2006


Worms Knowledge Base (shortened to WKB) is another wiki about Worms. It specializes on 2nd generation Worms games (from the original Worms to Worms World Party). It was established in May 6, 2006 by CyberShadow, and its attempt to gather and organize information about 2nd generation Worms games. The website is http://worms2d.info/.

WKB also hosts an online mirror of Wormopedia, an encyclopedia in Worms World Party.

Cquote1.png The Worms Knowledge Base was a project founded by CyberShadow in 2006 as an attempt to gather up all technical info on Worms Armageddon into one place. With time, this project has grown to cover many more aspects, technical or otherwise, as well as expanding towards other 2D Worms games. Cquote2.png

--- Worms Knowledge Base's description on their site.


The "pimpish" logo was made by Squirminator2k and the wiki design was done by Glide and CyberShadow.


CyberShadow is the founder/creator of WKB, and also an administrator. His real name is Vladimir Panteleev and lives in Chişinău, Moldova, Eastern Europe. He has a personal website which is http://thecybershadow.net/. He is the author of WormKit, an extension framework for Worms Armageddon and a maintenance programmer of the game.

He prefers D and C++ programming languages in Embarcadero Delphi, Assembly, Javascript and PHP. He also knows some C#, Java, Python, Perl and a handful of others.