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Worms Reinforcements
Developer Team17
Publisher Ocean
Platforms PC/DOS
Rating -
Genre Artillery game
Technical Information

Worms Reinforcements is an expansion pack for the original Worms for MS-DOS. It was later bundled with the original game and released as Worms United.

New Features

  • Challenge Mode with 25 single-player missions on preset landscapes
  • Network play over IPX or modem
  • Ability to import custom landscapes and sound banks (already possible in the Amiga Worms)
  • New weapon, Mole Bomb
  • Worm Select with Tab key at the beginning of each turn
  • Retreat time at the end of each turn (default 3 seconds)
  • Fall damage
  • Stockpiling option (weapons will carry over to the next round)
  • Health crates which restore 50 health on pickup
  • Booby-trapped crates that explode on pickup
  • Dud mines
  • Option to change mine explosion delay (0/1/2/3 seconds or random)
  • New terrain
  • Selectable gravestones

Weapons & Utilities

The Mole Bomb is new to Worms Reinforcements.


  • Beach
  • Candy
  • City
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Geiger
  • Hell
  • Graveyard
  • Junk
  • Mars
  • 'Nam
  • Snow
  • Warzone

Bolded are new to Worms Reinforcements.


  • Due to a bug, the Mole Bomb almost never appears in weapon crates. This bug was resolved in Worms United.
  • This is currently the only game in the Worms series where Boggy B and Spadge are depicted as villains/enemies. In Challenge Mode, they are fought in the "Failed Popsters!" mission, and according to the mission's description, they have committed "musical crimes" (referring to the original Wormsong).
  • The theme song is different to the very first Worms game because it has a faster pace than in the original Worms game and at the beginning of the song, it doesn't have the shotgun reload sound, the incoming voice and the fall sound.
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