Reloaded: Campaign Mission 3
Mission Type Puzzle
Difficulty Very Easy
Number of Friendly Worms N/A
Number of Enemy Worms N/A
Landscape Manhattan
Enemy Teams N/A
Reward 20 coins
Bought in Shop? No
Game Worms Reloaded

Mission 3

Mission 3 of Worms Reloaded is the first puzzle mission in the game. It has no enemy worms, and your goal is to reach the exit by any means.

In-Game Description

Get your Worm to the exit point to complete the puzzle.


Your worms starts off at the edge of an antenna with 100 HP. Your only weapon is the Land Mine. The exit is right in front of you, but your worm can't move. To win this mission, you must place a mine to the left of your worm, your worm will blast off to the next mine on the right, which will blast it to the exit.


Land Mine (x1)

Tips & Tricks

  • This is a very simple puzzle, which any person who had played a 3rd generation 2-D worms would easily accomplish. But if the player only played 2nd Generation games, he/she might be baffled, because there is no puzzle in 2nd generation games.
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