Worms Reloaded/Campaign Mission 7
Mission Type Deathmatch
Difficulty Easy
Number of Friendly Worms 3 (100 HP)
Number of Enemy Worms 3 (100 HP)
Landscape Medieval
Enemy Teams Ye Olde Skool
Reward 20 coins
Bought in Shop? No
Game Worms Reloaded
The 7th Mission in the Worms Reloaded Campaign is the first campaign mission to take place in the medieval theme.

Mission 7

In-Game Description

Times were hard in the medieval age. Let's hope this deathmatch doesn't pose too much of a threat to you. Now take out the enemy!


This is the first campaign mission where the player's team and the enemy team have the same amount of worms and HP at the start of the match. All of the enemy worms spawn near the water, so they can easily be taken down by making them drown. In case the player cannot reach the enemy worm, he/she should use the Air Strike if possible.


Tips & Tricks

  • The player should try to get the enemy worms to drown in the water as soon as possible.
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