This page lists the Worms Wiki staff. The staff consists of bureaucrats and administrators, who are entrusted users who have been granted the ability and responsibility to keep the wiki running smoothly. Please note that the staff of the Worms Wiki is not "in charge", but is mainly here to make sure the wiki stays clean of spam, vandalism and other malicious edits. The community is in charge, not the staff.

If you have any questions regarding the wiki, feel free to contact any staff members listed below. They will be happy to help you.


While bureaucrats have the same rights as administrators on the Worms Wiki, they can also grant bureaucrat, administrator, or rollback rights to other users.

Worm1 Worm 2ndGen
Koenachtig Orangitu


The administrators (aka admins or sysops) of the Worms Wiki can do a number of additional things in order to keep the wiki running smoothly. They can:

  • Delete pages.
  • Block users.
  • Lock and protect pages so they cannot be edited by normal users.
  • Edit the wiki's system messages and skin.

Currently, the Worms Wiki only has one administrator.

Burning Star V

How do I become an administrator?

Administrators are always chosen through a community discussion. If you want to become an admin, please visit the Requests For Adminship page.