Effects Drains HP from enemy
Range N/A
Appears in Worms 2: Armageddon (Battle pack DLC)

Worms Reloaded

The Worship is a utility in the Worms series.


The Worship is an object which a player can place in the level. At the end of every turn, the worship takes 2 HP from every enemy worm and gives 2 HP to e
Using Worship

Using Worship (Buffalo of Lies version)

very friendly worm. The Worship's effects will stop as soon as it has been destroyed. The Worship can be destroyed with the slightest amount of damage, so it is recommended to hide the Worship.

The Worship will never kill an enemy worm. The Worship will leave enemy worms with a minimum of 1 HP.

In Worms: Reloaded, the idol differs based on whichever 'alignment' the team identifies with. Lightside Worship erects an idol of the Concrete Donkey, and Darkside Worship will spawn an idol of the Buffalo of Lies.

Using the Worship

The Worship can simply be placed with the fire button. It is advisable to place the Worship in a cave, small corridor, Blow Torch hole or another area that the enemy cannot reach easily. This will make it hard for the enemy to destroy the Worship.

Tips & Tricks

  • It is advisable to use the worship when the enemy is invisible. The damage dealt by the Worship will make all enemies visible again.
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